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Client’s Testimonials

GNG Homecare Solutions, Inc.’s client testimonials will definitely convince you to get our quality care solutions and services. Go ahead and check them out!

“I very highly recommend GNG Homecare Solutions, Inc. to those who need caregiver services to independently live at their own homes very safely and comfortably with very reasonable cost.

When we realized that my mother needed a homecare service before she got discharged from a hospital, they brought a young lady caregiver to the hospital for our interview before we contacted them. They evidently heard what we needed from hospital nurses. It turned out she and another lady ended up taking care of my mother 24/7 for over 7 years until she passed away at 98yrs old. My mother was very happy to be taken cared of by these very kind caregivers who extended their services beyond their duties. Of course, they eventually became our family friends.

Little I realized, I also ended up needing excellent caregiver services from GNG Homecare Solutions, Inc. after I recently broke my both hips in 3 months span and finally discharged from a rehab hospital. Before selecting GNG, I have contacted and interviewed several caregiver service companies including those recommended by the rehab hospital, and also those I found on the internet, may of which were very highly recommended by viewers.

I was originally requesting a 24/7 care but changed to 8hrs-5days service due to my improved conditions. Regardless, GNG was very flexible enough to switch a caregiver to satisfy my need in a very timely manner with no additional cost. I am presently very happy to be able to receive very professional and well planned services by my caregiver who has an extensive experience. In addition, he is a very caring and thoughtful person, not to mention, he always arrives on time everyday. He is an excellent driver who I can truly count on to live my life comfortably, safely, and independently in my own home.”

M. Baldi
Music Licensing Agent, Santa Monica

“We have had a great experience with GNG Homecare, especially with the in-home caregiver who has been so compassionately caring for my father over the last few months. My father suffers from dementia and has been bed ridden for months since his long battle with lung and brain cancer. GNG’s staff are very knowledgeable, caring and so very calming and comforting to their patients. My family and I can’t thank them enough for taking such great care of my father in this difficult time.”

R. Barron
Client, Long Beach

“I have been impressed with the services provided by GNG and the fair, prompt, and friendly people. My mother absolutely looks forward to when her caretaker comes to relieve her regular caregiver. She gives friendly and loving care to my mother that just turned 92. I would recommend GNG to those that are looking for a fair and excellent caregiving service.”

M. Schoneman
Assistant Store Manager, Dallas

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